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BigBlueButton API gem for Ruby



This is a ruby gem that provides access to the API of BigBlueButton. See the documentation of the API here.

It enables a ruby application to interact with BigBlueButton by calling ruby methods instead of HTTP requests, making it a lot easier to interact with BigBlueButton. It also formats the responses to a ruby-friendly format and includes helper classes to deal with more complicated API calls, such as the pre-upload of slides.

A few features it has:

  • Provides methods to perform all API calls and get the responses;

  • Converts the XML responses to ruby hashes, that are easier to work with;

  • Converts the string values returned to native ruby types. For instance:

    • Dates are converted DateTime objects (e.g. “Thu Sep 01 17:51:42 UTC 2011”);

    • Response codes are converted to boolean (e.g. “SUCCESS” becomes true);

  • Deals with errors (e.g. timeouts) throwing BigBlueButtonException exceptions;

  • Support to multiple BigBlueButton API versions (see below).

Supported BigBlueButton versions

The current version of this gem supports all the following versions of BigBlueButton:

  • 0.8

  • 0.81

  • (Should also support the still unreleased 0.9, since it's API will be backward compatible.)

Older versions:

  • 0.7 (including 0.7, 0.71 and 0.71a): The last version with support to 0.7* is version 1.2.0. It supports versions 0.7 and 0.8.

  • 0.64: see the branch api-0.64. The last version with support to 0.64 is version 0.0.10. It supports versions 0.64 and 0.7.

Supported ruby versions

Tested in rubies:

  • ruby-2.1.2 recommended

  • ruby-2.0.0 (p353)

  • ruby-1.9.3 (p484)

  • ruby-1.9.2 (p290)

Use these versions to be sure it will work. Other patches of these rubies (e.g. ruby 1.9.3-p194) should work as well.


For a list of releases and release notes see CHANGELOG.rdoc.


Information for developers of bigbluebutton-api-ruby can be found in our wiki.

The development of this gem is guided by the requirements of the project Mconf. To know more about it visit the project’s wiki.


Distributed under The MIT License (MIT). See LICENSE for the latest license, valid for all versions after 0.0.4 (including it), and LICENSE_003 for version 0.0.3 and all the previous versions.


Version 0.0.4+: This project is developed as part of Mconf ( Contact: Leonardo Crauss Daronco (, Mconf: A scalable opensource multiconference system for web and mobile devices @ PRAV Labs - UFRGS. Home page:

Version 0.0.3 and below: Joe Kinsella (, Home page:

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