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Version 2.5.0.
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daronco committed May 29, 2017
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# Change Log

## [2.5.0] - 2017-05-29

Adds authentication via digital certificate, a new option to force users to sign in to
be able to join conferences, and bug fixes.

* [#927] Add a new option to the site to force users to sign in to be able to access a
conference. When enabled, unauthenticated users cannot access conferences. Disabled by
* [#936] Allow users to sign in using a digital certificate. It's an optional authentication
method model similarly to LDAP and Shibboleth.
* Added a "guest users" module, so that users can sign in using an external authentication
method just to join a conference, without receiving a new account. Works only for the
digital certificate authentication for now.
* [#940] Fix web conference invitations when using Russian or Bulgarian.
* [#814] Fix small font sizes in some email readers. Having a `font-size` of "0.8125rem"
would cause some readers to show very small text. Removing the `font-size` lets the email
client decide the appropriate size.
* [#932] Fix the redirect when an admin of a space changes his role from admin to normal user.
* Add missing migration from BigbluebuttonRails 2.0.0 to fix the type of the column
`size` in the table `bigbluebutton_recordings`. Will only affect servers that updated
Mconf-Web very frequently and used non stable versions (very few servers).
* Update BigbluebuttonRails and adjust to its changes. Changes the way the gem is customized
and it now doesn't have direct database associations between rooms and servers, the
association is done dynamically.
* A few gem updates for compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04.
* Send web conference invitations also to the organizer. The user that is sending the
invitations will now also be in the list of attendees and receive an email with the invitation.
* Improve the design of the list of recordings (in `manage/recordings`), now it also shows the
size of the recordings.

## [2.4.0] - 2017-01-12

Includes improvements in the management pages, a new management page for recordings,
@@ -361,6 +392,7 @@ This is a minor update over 0.8 that was developed in parallel with 2.0.
* First version in production and documentation on [[how to setup a production server|Deployment]]
* Several other bugs and features implemented.

@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# 3 or later. See the LICENSE file.

module Mconf
VERSION = "2.4.0".freeze
VERSION = "2.5.0".freeze

# get the current revision from git
@@revision = nil

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