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Mconf-Web is web portal that provides access to Mconf. It connects to a Mconf-Live/BigBlueButton server (works with both applications) and allows the users to create and participate in web conferences. It provides features that are (by design) not implemented in the core of Mconf-Live/BigBlueButton, such as:

  • User authentication;
  • Permission control to access web conference rooms;
  • Follows a social network model (inherited from VCC) with spaces (communities) that have events;
  • Users have their own web conferences that they can share with other members or even invite non-members.
  • Each space also has a web conference room that its members can use to interact;
  • Events can be used to schedule web conferences inside a space.

Try it!

The latest version of Mconf-Web runs at: http://mconf.org/. This server is free for everyone to register and use to explore Mconf.

Integration with Mconf-Live/BigBlueButton

Mconf-Web will always support the latest version of Mconf-Live. As for BigBlueButton, it currently supports versions 0.8 (and 0.81), 0.9.0 (and 0.9.1) and 1.0 (still in beta). Since the changes in BigBlueButton's API are usually backwards compatible, Mconf-Web will possibly also support newer versions of BigBlueButton as they are released.

The integration with Mconf-Live/BigBlueButton is based on two gems:

  • bigbluebutton-api-ruby: A library to access Mconf-Live/BigBlueButton's API in Ruby applications.

  • bigbluebutton_rails: An integration of BigBlueButton and Rails. It uses bigbluebutton-api-ruby to access BigBlueButton's API.

How to Start

For developers:

To install Mconf-Web on a server:


Global Plaza

Mconf-Web started as a fork of VCC, an open source system that can be found here. VCC, also known as Global Plaza, is a project developed in Ruby on Rails to provide a virtual event service for the Internet. It uses the Isabel system to provide webconferencing.

You can find the Global Plaza project running at: http://www.globalplaza.org/

Main differences between Mconf-Web and VCC

The project supporting VCC has ended in the end of 2010, so it's development has been stopped since then. You can see the new directions VCC's team has taken at their GitHub page.

VCC is developed in Ruby on Rails 2.3.4 and uses Isabel to perform webconfereces. The most important differences included by Mconf-Web are the use of Rails 4 and the use of BigBlueButton as a replacement for Isabel. But there are thousands of other differences that you can see by yourself trying Mconf-Web.

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