Configuration Files

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For Mconf-Web version 2.0.x.

Configuring the database (database.yml)

The database is configured in the file config/database.yml. This is a standard configuration file used by Rails applications, so you can find plenty of resources about it on the Internet (for example, this page).

You can also take a look at the examples in our repository:

Configuring the application (setup_conf.yml)

This file contains two sections, one with configurations that are loaded at every application startup and other that is used only once when the database is created. For the latter, you configure everything in it later on using Mconf-Web's management page.

Remember to keep the file indented and formatted as it is. Its format and structure have semantic meaning, so you shouldn't change them. Some of the parameters in this file are mandatory for the application to behave properly, so the application needs to be able to read it at startup.

Read the comments in the example file (config/setup_conf.yml.example). If you don't understand what some of the attributes are used for, don't set them. Setting only the attributes defined in the example file is enough, you can then edit the rest of the configurations in the website interface.

For more information about the available configuration attributes, see Mconf-Web's management page.

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