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Mconf is a project that aims to create a complete and easy to use web conference system, with focus on the interaction with mobile devices and in the integration with existent systems.

This wiki contains the technical documentation of Mconf. To learn more about the project, we recommend that you first read the content in our page: http://mconf.org

The source code for all projects that compose Mconf can be found at our GitHub page.

Bugs and tasks are also tracked on GitHub, in their respective projects. Issues on Mconf-Live, for example, are listed on Mconf-Live's issue page on GitHub.

  • For feedbacks, suggestions and troubleshooting (or anything else you need), see our FAQ (FAQ) or contact us at our developer's mailing list: mconf-dev@googlegroups.com
  • Found a bug or want to suggest a new feature? Go to our institution on GitHub, find the project you're looking for and add a new issue.
  • Want to collaborate? Fork some of our repositories on GitHub and send a pull request!

Mconf is built on top of the open source system BigBlueButton.


Mconf is being developed mainly at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It is a project developed in the research group PRAV. The project is funded mainly by RNP.

Check our team page to see who's currently working on the project (you can also see it on our GitHub organization).

Mconf Webconference Network

Interested in the global webconference network? See this page for more information about it: http://mconf.org/about/mconf-network

Documentation of our subprojects

  • Mconf-Live: Here you can learn more about Mconf-Live, Mconf's web conference application.
  • Mconf-Web: Mconf-Web is the web portal that provides access to web conferences.
  • Mconf-Mobile: Mconf-Mobile is a mobile implementation of a web conference client.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Documentation about the solution created to scale Mconf (includes the monitoring server and the load balancer). Is also the documentation of how the Mconf Network works today.
  • Mconf Global Network: More information about the Mconf Network and how to join it.

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