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Our goal with this page is to have a central place where people can easily find tips and solutions to technical problems related to Mconf. If you did not find here what you were searching, contact us at our mailing list (mconf-dev@googlegroups.com) and we will try to answer your question and also improve this page.


See: Mconf-Web's FAQ page.

Mconf-Mobile / BBB-Android

I can connect to the audio conference but I can't hear anything. What's wrong?

By default the application doesn't enable the loudspeaker (it enables the earphone speaker) - you need to press "Menu" and then "Loudspeaker" if you want to hear anything without put the phone next to your ear. The icon will turn enabled.

I can't join the voice conference

Mconf-Mobile communicates with other participants by voice using SIP over UDP through the port 5060. It means that the server must be able to receive connections on such port.

I downloaded the source code but the dependencies are not there

The instructions to build the Mconf-Mobile project is detailed here. All the dependencies are downloaded automatically when you run

ant build-all

On BigBlueButton 0.71a, how do I know if I installed mobile.jsp correctly?

Try to access the follow address:


You should see a blank screen (no errors, no text, nothing else). If you don't, make sure you have followed correctly [MconfMobile#On_BigBlueButton_0.71a the instructions].

Voice connection timeout

Related to this issue.

Recently the default FreeSWITCH configuration on BigBlueButton has changed in order to deny any attempt of connection from an external IP to FreeSWITCH directly. Unfortunetly it generated a side-effect for the Mconf-Mobile apps, since they connect to the voice conference directly through FreeSWITCH. It doesn't affect the web client because it joins the voice conference through a Red5 application.

So, basically you will not be able to connect to the voice conference on http://demo.bigbluebutton.org, but we have this default configuration ignored on https://mconf.org, so you will still be able to do it on the Mconf server.

Soon we will implement the voice handling on Mconf-Mobile to work under RTMP, so it will remove this inconvenient.


What is the Mconf Network? Where can I find more about it?

See: http://mconf.org/about/mconf-network/

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