Rails 3 Plugin to help build web apps that use a multi-tenant db archtecture
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MultiTenant is a Rails 3 plugin to help ease the development of web applications that utilise the database in a multi-tenant manner, and provide each end-user/account with their own subdomained version of the application.

This plugin is currently work in progess. Managing subdomains still to do..


Currently just a regular plugin, typical plugin installation: rails plugin install git://github.com/mconnell/multi_tenant.git

Alternatively as a git submodule: git submodule add git://github.com/mconnell/multi_tenant.git vendor/plugins/multi_tenant

How to Use


Add multi_tenant_model to the primary model class Account < ActiveRecord::Base multi_tenant_model has_many :properties end

Any models that should be explicitly scoped to a multi_tenant_model require the belongs_to_tenant to be set class Property < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to_tenant :account end

Property scoping will behave as normal unless a current account has been set: Property.all #> [#<Property account_id: 1>, #<Property account_id: 2>] Account.current = Account.find(1) Property.all #> [#<Property account_id: 1>]

If the current account is set, instantiating new property records will automatically be assigned to the current account: Property.new #>

Account.current = Account.find(25)
#> <Property account_id: 25>


If you want to have subdomained instances of the application: class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base subdomain_by_multi_tenant_model :account end

This basically tells the app to set the current account to Account.find_by_subdomain!(subdomain). Will Throw an exception if account can't be set. Every subdomain will also have an independent session.

The controller aspect is currently not tested in isolating in the plugin as I haven't gotten around to working out how to generate routes in rails 3 for test controllers. They'll be extracted out of the application I'm using this plugin for eventually but you'll probably want to write some in your application..

Copyright (c) 2010 [Mark Connell], released under the MIT license