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Ross extension to Chernoff faces
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Ross extension to Chernoff faces

This code is for generating your own "Ross-Chernoff" glyphs, such as the one here. These are glyphs for showing multiple time series, or high dimensional data, in the style of American Public Television star and landscape painter Bob Ross.

The code itself is mostly written using the p5 library, with a little bit of d3 for things I thought would be bothersome to do in p5.

To pay homage to Bob Ross, I have commented the code as though it were written by Bob Ross as part of an episode of The Joy of Painting. This should make things soothing and clear to you. If it's not, feel free to submit a PR to make things more soporific.

Paper & Slides

This repo includes a preprint of the paper I presented as part of the alt.CHI track at [CHI 2018]. I've also included my talk slides.

I have been told to mention that alt.CHI is for non-traditional papers that don't fit into the main conference. As such, you should know that the paper itself is a reductio ad absurdum, a satirical attempt to make us think about how bad ideas circulate in academic vis, and whether there's a way to get rid of them (or if it's even necessary to get rid of them). I promise the rest of my research isn't like this.

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