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Retire FakeSplit

    - Currently broken
    - Never been really useful
    - Does not work well with new splitting model

Verified for no regression at STC with 3 threads:
LLR: 2.96 (-2.94,2.94) [-6.00,0.00]
Total: 81905 W: 12122 L: 12381 D: 57402

No functional change
latest commit 10961f2bf7
Joona Kiiski zamar authored committed
Makefile Change the install prefix for Haiku
benchmark.cpp Add perft 'divide' command
bitbase.cpp Fix a warning with MSVC in 'analyze' mode
bitboard.cpp Avoid 'double assigments' tricks
bitboard.h Revert "Generalize shift_bb() to handle double pushes"
bitcount.h Update copyright year
endgame.cpp Revert back KBPsK to latest Gary's version
endgame.h Simplify pawnless endgame evaluation
evaluate.cpp Tune trapped rook
evaluate.h Small renaming in Tracing
main.cpp Move args parsing to UCI::loop
material.cpp Move game_phase() to Position
material.h Move game_phase() to Position
misc.cpp Restore development version
misc.h Additional renaming from DON
movegen.cpp Minor stuff scattered around
movegen.h Update copyright year
movepick.cpp Fix issues detected by Coverity Scan
movepick.h Sync some common names
notation.cpp Remove some useless casts
notation.h Some more work in pretty_pv
pawns.cpp Some reformatting in pawns.cpp
pawns.h More readable trapped rook condition
platform.h Update copyright year
position.cpp Better value clipping in game_phase()
position.h Move game_phase() to Position
psqtab.h Remove RookOn7th and merge values into psqt
rkiss.h Move magic random to RKISS
search.cpp Retire FakeSplit
search.h Avoid to use nullChild
thread.cpp Retire FakeSplit
thread.h Retire FakeSplit
timeman.cpp Don't need floor() in timeman.cpp
timeman.h Fix Intel compiler warnings
tt.cpp Pack 3 TT entries in 32 bytes cluster
tt.h Pack 3 TT entries in 32 bytes cluster
types.h Pack 3 TT entries in 32 bytes cluster
uci.cpp Triviality in UCI::loop
ucioption.cpp Increase max hash size to 64GB
ucioption.h Move args parsing to UCI::loop
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