using the EEN API with a SparkFun RFID reader and raspberry pi
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This project is using a RFID reader as a access control system. It will run on most any computer (or raspberry pi) that can run Node.js

It uses to notify the webclient in real-time when a badge is scanned. It has simple rules that can be setup in config.js and is easily extended to multiple doors/readers.


  • clone this repo
  • npm install
  • edit config.js to user your RFID readers and badges
  • node app.js

Future Plans

The reason for making this is show off the Eagle Eye Networks API and how to integrate security video. Each card read will get a jpeg image from the camera that covers that door and link to the full video for that time will be available.


If you are getting annoyed with the beep from the RFID reader, you can simulate a badge being scanned by sending this from the client. Obviously you'll need to change the badge id to something in your system.

socket.emit('test', {'id': '6A003E6686B4'})


demo on youtube

####Getting your raspberry pi setup to run it##### here's a gist