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ranj chak dot com

Personal website for Ranjani Chakraborty at http://ranjchak.com.


ranjchak.com is a static page hosted on GitHub pages. It uses nodejs as its build runtime and npm as its package manager. Make sure you have Node >= v4 installed, and then:

  1. $ git clone https://github.com/mcous/ranj-chak-dot-com.git
  2. $ npm install
  3. $ make && npm start

A dev server will now be running at to show you what the page will look like.


A Makefile controls the build process and provides incremental builds. This site uses Jade for templating, Browserify for JavaScript bundling, PostCSS for CSS help, and imagemin for image minification. Useful targets are:

  • $ make all - Default target. Builds html, js, and css, and minifies images
  • $ make clean - Deletes built files
  • $ make watch - Watches files and builds as necessary on changes


There are several important development scripts:

  • $ npm start - Start the dev server at
  • $ npm run lint - Lints the JavaScript and CSS

The development server is Express-based and lives in server.js. It incorporates LiveReload, so it will reload the page automatically (no plugin needed) when source files change.


To deploy the site, cut a new release with the npm version command. The automatic postversion script will take care of building and pushing to GitHub pages. To deploy, you must have write access to the ranj-chak-dot-com repository. For example:

  • $ npm version patch -m 'Upgrade to %s for ____' if you fixed a minor issue, like a typo
  • $ npm version minor -m 'Upgrade to %s for ____' if you did something small, like added a video
  • $ npm version major -m 'Upgrade to %s for ____' if you did something big, like change the structure


The logic, styling, structure, images, and content of the page all live in separate places:

  • logic - src/script
  • styling - src/style
  • template - src/template
  • content - src/content.json
  • images - src/img

The build steps output to public.


There are several JavaScript modules that handle things like modals and animations. They live in src/script and are combined into a single bundle.js file at build time. The build is handled by Browserify.


Style files are broken up into individual components to line up (mostly) with the template files. They live in src/style and are combined into a single bundle.css at build time. The build is handled by PostCSS with several plugins (configuration in .postcssrc):

postcss import plugin

This plugin is included to inline the files from CSS imports to build a single CSS bundle.

postcss cssnext plugin

This plugin is included to allow the use of future CSS syntax and features.

lost plugin

This plugin is included to allow the use of the lost fractional grid system.

templates and content

All templates live in the src/template directory. Content for the templates is pulled at build time from src/content.json. The templates are combined and output to a single index.html. The templates are written in Jade.

Most editing, adding, or removing content from the site can be accomplished by editing src/content.json.


Images live in src/img. Before the images are deployed or served, they are minified by imagemin.