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kirc (KISS for IRC) is a tiny IRC client written in POSIX C99.


Building and installing from source:

	git clone
	cd kirc
	make install


Consult `man kirc` for a full list and explanation of available arguments.

	kirc [-s hostname] [-p port] [-c channels] [-n nickname] [-r realname]
	     [-u username] [-k password] [-a token] [-o logfile] [-e|x|v|V]

Command Aliases

	<message>                  send PRIVMSG to the current channel.
	@<channel|nick> <message>  send PRIVMSG to a specified channel or nick.
	@@<channel|nick> <message> send CTCP ACTION message to a specified channel or 
				   nick (if no channel or nick is specified, the 
				   message will be sent to the default channel).
	/<command>                 send command to the IRC server (see RFC 2812).
	/#<channel>                assign new default message channel.

Key Bindings

	CTRL+B or LEFT ARROW       move the cursor one character to the left.
	CTRL+F or RIGHT ARROW      move the cursor one character to the right.
	CTRL+P or UP ARROW         move to previous record in the input history buffer.
	CTRL+N or DOWN ARROW       move to next record in the input history buffer.
	CTRL+E                     move the cursor to the end of the line.
	CTRL+A or HOME             move the cursor to the start of the line.
	CTRL+W                     delete the previous word.
	CTRL+U                     delete the entire line.
	CTRL+K                     delete the from current character to end of line.
	CTRL+D                     delete the character to the right of cursor.
	CTRL+C                     force quit kirc.
	CTRL+T                     swap character at cursor with previous character.
	CTRL+H                     equivalent to backspace.

Support Documentation

Please refer to the official for examples, troubleshooting and use cases.


For any further questions or concerns, feel free to email me at: