A utility to remove the SIM lock on Huawei USB modems
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Huawei Modem Unlocker

Copyright (C) 2012 Neil McPhail
Portions Copyright (C) 2010 dogbert

	GNU GPL version 2



	./unlocker.py (as root if necessary)


Huawei wireless broadband modems are well supported in Linux. When bought from
a mobile carrier they are often locked to that carrier's network. This restricts
your freedom to choose your own supplier and SIM.

Unlocking these modems is simple but it has become the domain of malign and
unscrupulous members of the underground warez scene. This program aims to
simplify the process for Linux users.

	1. Insert the "foreign" SIM into your modem
	2. Insert the modem into a spare USB port. Do not attempt to connect.
	3. Run "./unlocker.py" (you may need to run this as root)
	4. Accept the warning by typing "YES"
	5. Confirm you wish to proceed with the unlocking procedure
		- there are only 10 attempts before the modem is locked for ever
	6. Let me know whether it was a success or failure!

	Make sure python-2 and pySerial are installed
		(e.g. sudo apt-get install python-serial)

	The Windows "Dashboard" software is untouched. Some carrier-modified
	versions of this software prevent unlocked modems connecting to foreign
	networks. You may need to update the Dashboard software to an unbranded
	version. This is of no concern to Linux users and this software does
	not help with that process.

	Early reports suggest that some modems cannot be unlocked by this
	program. When I get hold of one of these devices I will work on it.

	E220 devices will not work. I don not think they will ever work with
	this script.

	Devices beginning "E3" are unlikely to work at this point. I hope to
	support these in a future version. If you have such a device and decide
	to try this script please give me feedback on the link below.

	Please raise issues at https://github.com/mcphail/linux_huawei_unlocker