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Thank you for all of the positive feedback about this software. It is pleasing
to know that so many of you have found it useful. Whilst this software is given
freely, I would like to make a humble request in return:
If you use this software, please tell me if it works
I would like to make this software better, faster, slicker and simpler. However
it is difficult to test new versions of the software because when I unlock a
modem it _stays_ unlocked and is not useful for further tests. Furthermore,
there are a bewildering array of these devices on the market and it would be
useful for me to focus my testing on devices which have been difficult to
If you have had a success or failure with this software please contact me so I
can log it. I would be grateful if you would include the following information:
- Your Linux distribution and version (e.g. Ubuntu 12.04)
- Your version of Python and pySerial (if known)
- The model of your modem
- The country of purchase of your modem
- The original carrier for your modem
- The carrier of the SIM you used in the unlock process
- Any problems, failures or error messages
- Any suggestions for improvement.
If you are a developer and would like to improve upon the code, please fork the
repository on GitHub and submit a pull request. If you are not a developer and
that last sentence was gibberish, please ignore it!
Contact details:
- GitHub repo page. Contact me here through the "issues" button
- Freecode announcement page. Contact me by clicking "Report problem"
- Plain old simple email. This is the easiest way to contact me but
other users will not benefit from a private email discussion. Use this
if you don't want to register with GitHub or Freecode to leave a
Many thanks in anticipation,
Neil McPhail
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