Flexible Bi-directional sync for Emacs BBDB, Google Contacts, and MS Outlook
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Created : Wed Aug 24 22:41:42 IST 2011 Last Modified : Mon May 14 22:31:36 IST 2012

This is only a short introduction and some key points of interest. For more details on how to use ASynK please refer to the included documentation, or the official website for ASynK is at: http://karra-asynk.appspot.com You will find links to latest download, complete documentaiton, and other information on that website.


ASynK - Awesome Sync (by Karra), is a flexible PIM synchronization platform written in Python. ASynK was earlier known as Gout. High level features include:

  • ASynK allows bidirectional sync of Contact across any pair of sources from: Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, and Emacs BBDB - what we call PIM DBs (for Personal Information Management Databases)
  • ASynK is the only two-way synchronization software for BBDB known to be in existence today. So if you are keen to keep BBDB content synchronized with a mobile device or Outlook, look no further.
  • ASynK works on Windows, MacOS X, and Linux
  • Synchronization is granular to the level of ‘Folders’, i.e. you can synchronize one folder of Google Contacts with a Outlook folder (on Windows at work, say), and another Google folder in the same account with BBDB (On your Mac, say)
  • The infrastructure is there to add more database and item types (i.e. tasks, notes, etc.), but currently only Contact synchronization for Google Contacts, BBDB and Outlook supported
  • It is free software, and released under the GNU AGPL version 3



  • You need Python (tested with 2.7, try earlier versions at your descretion)
  • If you wish to sync to Outlook you can do that only on Windows. Further you will need MS Outlook installed, along with a third party python library called Pywin32 from Mark Hammond
  • On Debian (and likely Ubuntu) you will need the following packages: sudo apt-get install python-argparse

Building Documentation

There is no build or installation required to use the main program. You can go the section on Usage below.

If you wish to build the documentation from source, you will have to execute the following commands in order from the root directory, i.e where you have the configure.ac file

$ autoreconf $ automake –add-missing $ ./configure $ make

You may have to install additional programs like makeinfo and other TeX related programs.

You will need autoconf (>2.64), automake (> 1.11) for the above to work.


Refer to the documentation. You could also start with ‘python asynk.py -h’ from the root directory of the downloaded source tree.