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4 Makefile
@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ IPADDRESS=
MIMETYPES=$(shell if [ -f /etc/apache2/mime.types ]; then echo /etc/apache2/mime.types; elif [ -f /etc/mime.types ]; then echo /etc/mime.types; fi)
SYSTEMURL=$(echo 'http://localhost:'${SYSTEMPORT}'/')
+-include "can-o-pg.settings"
export LANG=C
export LC_TIME=C
@@ -111,6 +113,8 @@ server: ${DBPATH}/
cp ${SCRIPTDIR}/database.yml config/database.yml
script/rails server
+-include can-o-pg.application
@@ -56,6 +56,37 @@ and tests, and other directories you need for your testing skaffold,
then create a new project for your foo project, "foo-skaffold".
Updates from can-o-mysql can be applied with a git merge or git rebase.
+run "make showconfig" to see what the settings are, you should see something
+ POSTBIN /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/bin
+ APPNAME chapter13
+ DBPATH: /corp/projects/credil/nv/chapter13/run
+ DBPASSWORD: baesheDaic5OhGh2
+ SCRIPTDIR: vendor/plugins/can-o-pg
+ TOP: /corp/projects/credil/nv/chapter13
+ APACHE2_MODDIR: /usr/lib/apache2/modules
+ WEBSERVER: /usr/sbin/apache2
+ MIMETYPES: /etc/mime.types
+ PHP5_MODDIR:/usr/lib/apache2/modules
+If you need to override any of these values, you can use the file
+"can-o-pg.settings" at the top level. It is a makefile format file that will
+be included if it exists.
+If you need Apache (and you do if you are doing PHP5 work), then just run
+"make apache" and and apache configuration will be created in run, and a copy
+of Apache will be started. It will be started on a port number equal to 8000
+plus your uid. This choice is stable per user, but permits multiple users
+to work on a multiuser machine (this is common if you have windows programmers
+using putty to a linux machine).
New Projects
@@ -66,6 +97,15 @@ do. All of your classes and the like go into the top-level php directory.
If you need mocks or other code just for tests, then put them into test/php,
which is on the php include path prior to php.
+No doubt you will need to grovel the database by hand at times.
+phppgadmin is a very good tool. If you have a copy in /usr/share/phppgadmin,
+it will be linked into the apache config at /phppgadmin. It is connected
+to the database by Unix domain socket. You can use the identities created
+by the bootstrap.sql, such as application_development.
@@ -74,23 +114,28 @@ You will find a Makefile at the top-level. I'd rather it was a Rakefile,
but I use this code with multiple other things which are not rails.
(There is a branch of the code that supports Django, btw)
-You'll want to edit etc/botostrap.sql eventually. For rails projects,
-you can just use migrations to populate the database, but other systems you'll
-want to include whatever schema creation code. Also note the passwords which
-are in that file, they go into your config/database.yml or equivalent.
+You'll want to edit vendor/plugins/can-o-pg/ eventually,
+and I ought to include another file as well.
+For rails projects, you can just use migrations to populate the database, but
+other systems you'll want to include whatever schema creation code. Also
+note the passwords which are in that file, they go into your
+config/database.yml or equivalent.
-Open up the Makefile, and change APPNAME= if the name of the current directory
-is wrong.
+Open up the can-o-pg.settings, and change APPNAME= if the name of the current
+directory is wrong.
But, for now, just do:
- cp etc/database.yml config/database.yml
+ cp vendor/plugins/can-o-pg/database.yml config/database.yml
-A proper config/database.yml in etc/database.yml created. You may want to
-enable the line in the Makefile which copies it over.
+("make server" will do this for you)
make psql - starts psql in the current database context.
make INPUTFILE=foo load - starts psql with "foo" on command line
- populate the database.
+ populate the database.
+make apache
+make apachestop - stop apache
+make stop - shutdown database
+make showconfig - show settings

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