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(1) To configure libpcap under AIX 4.x, you should use DLPI instead
of BPF, since IBM's version of BPF includes some undocumented
and unsupported changes to the original BPF.
This can be done by specifying the flag:
to the "configure" script for libpcap.
(2) Also, it is a good idea to have the latest version of the DLPI
driver on your system, since certain versions may be buggy and
cause your AIX system to crash. DLPI is included in the
fileset bos.rte.tty. I found that the DLPI driver that came with
AIX 4.3.2 was buggy, and had to upgrade to bos.rte.tty
lslpp -l bos.rte.tty
bos.rte.tty COMMITTED Base TTY Support and Commands
Updates for AIX filesets can be obtained from:
These updates can be installed with the smit program.
(3) After compiling libpcap, you need to make sure that the DLPI driver
is loaded. Type:
strload -q -d dlpi
If the result is:
dlpi: yes
then the DLPI driver is loaded correctly.
If it is:
dlpi: no
Then you need to type:
strload -f /etc/dlpi.conf
Check again with strload -q -d dlpi that the dlpi driver is loaded.
Alternatively, you can uncomment the lines for DLPI in
/etc/pse.conf and reboot the machine; this way DLPI will always
be loaded when you boot your system.
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