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@@ -1,12 +1,9 @@
-Thursday November 29, 2012
+Tuesday February 19, 2013
Summary for 1.4.0 libpcap release
Add netfilter/nfqueue interface.
If we don't have support for IPv6 address resolution, support,
in filter expressions, what IPv6 stuff we can.
Checks added for malloc()/realloc()/etc. failures.
-Wednesday November 28, 2012
-Summary for 1.3.1 libpcap release
Fix pcap-config to include -lpthread if canusb support is
Try to fix "pcap_parse not defined" problems when --without-flex
@@ -28,6 +25,9 @@ Summary for 1.3.1 libpcap release
Handle either directories, or symlinks to directories, that
correspond to interfaces in /sys/class/net
+ Fix handling of VLAN tag insertion to check, on Linux 3.x
+ kernels, for VLAN tag valid flag
+ Clean up some man pages
Friday March 30, 2012.
Summary for 1.3.0 libpcap release
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ Primitives usually consist of an
There are three
different kinds of qualifier:
.IP \fItype\fP
+.I type
qualifiers say what kind of thing the id name or number refers to.
Possible types are
.BR host ,
@@ -58,6 +59,7 @@ qualifier,
.B host
is assumed.
.IP \fIdir\fP
+.I dir
qualifiers specify a particular transfer direction to and/or from
.IR id .
Possible directions are
@@ -93,6 +95,7 @@ and
.B outbound
qualifiers can be used to specify a desired direction.
.IP \fIproto\fP
+.I proto
qualifiers restrict the match to a particular protocol.
protos are:
@@ -159,7 +162,7 @@ True if the IPv4/v6 destination field of the packet is \fIhost\fP,
which may be either an address or a name.
.IP "\fBsrc host \fIhost\fR"
True if the IPv4/v6 source field of the packet is \fIhost\fP.
-.IP "\fBhost \fIhost\fP
+.IP "\fBhost \fIhost\fP"
True if either the IPv4/v6 source or destination of the packet is \fIhost\fP.
Any of the above host expressions can be prepended with the keywords,
@@ -177,17 +180,17 @@ which is equivalent to:
.in -.5i
If \fIhost\fR is a name with multiple IP addresses, each address will
be checked for a match.
-.IP "\fBether dst \fIehost\fP
+.IP "\fBether dst \fIehost\fP"
True if the Ethernet destination address is \fIehost\fP.
may be either a name from /etc/ethers or a number (see
.IR ethers (3N)
for numeric format).
-.IP "\fBether src \fIehost\fP
+.IP "\fBether src \fIehost\fP"
True if the Ethernet source address is \fIehost\fP.
-.IP "\fBether host \fIehost\fP
+.IP "\fBether host \fIehost\fP"
True if either the Ethernet source or destination address is \fIehost\fP.
-.IP "\fBgateway\fP \fIhost\fP
+.IP "\fBgateway\fP \fIhost\fP"
True if the packet used \fIhost\fP as a gateway.
I.e., the Ethernet
source or destination address was \fIhost\fP but neither the IP source
@@ -682,11 +685,11 @@ Abbreviations for:
where \fIp\fR is one of the above protocols.
.IP "\fBl1\fR, \fBl2\fR, \fBiih\fR, \fBlsp\fR, \fBsnp\fR, \fBcsnp\fR, \fBpsnp\fR"
Abbreviations for IS-IS PDU types.
-.IP "\fBvpi\fP \fIn\fR
+.IP "\fBvpi\fP \fIn\fR"
True if the packet is an ATM packet, for SunATM on Solaris, with a
virtual path identifier of
.IR n .
-.IP "\fBvci\fP \fIn\fR
+.IP "\fBvci\fP \fIn\fR"
True if the packet is an ATM packet, for SunATM on Solaris, with a
virtual channel identifier of
.IR n .
@@ -926,27 +929,6 @@ icmp[icmptype] != icmp-echo and icmp[icmptype] != icmp-echoreply
-The original authors are:
-Van Jacobson,
-Craig Leres and
-Steven McCanne, all of the
-Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA.
-It is currently being maintained by
-The current version of libpcap is available via http:
-The original distribution is available via anonymous ftp:
Please send problems, bugs, questions, desirable enhancements, etc. to:
@@ -58,20 +58,15 @@ if the signal interrupted a call reading packets in a live capture,
when your signal handler returns after calling pcap_breakloop(), the
call will be restarted, and the loop will not terminate until more
packets arrive and the call completes.
+.ft R
+.ft B
Note also that, in a multi-threaded application, if one thread is
-blocked in
-.BR pcap_dispatch() ,
-.BR pcap_loop() ,
-.BR pcap_next() ,
-.BR pcap_next_ex() ,
-a call to
-.B pcap_breakloop()
-in a different thread will not unblock that thread; you will need to use
-whatever mechanism the OS provides for breaking a thread out of blocking
-calls in order to unblock the thread, such as thread cancellation in
-systems that support POSIX threads.
+blocked in pcap_dispatch(), pcap_loop(), pcap_next(), or pcap_next_ex(),
+a call to pcap_breakloop() in a different thread will not unblock that
+thread; you will need to use whatever mechanism the OS provides for
+breaking a thread out of blocking calls in order to unblock the thread,
+such as thread cancellation in systems that support POSIX threads.
.ft R
Note that

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