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Further emphasize that you *MUST* check sa_family.

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1 parent ea4f833 commit bb6cfe0259b89d7a671b1a9d3089b97298ced0a7 @guyharris guyharris committed May 4, 2011
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  1. +3 −2 pcap_findalldevs.3pcap
5 pcap_findalldevs.3pcap
@@ -149,8 +149,9 @@ check the
.B sa_family
member of the
.B "struct sockaddr"
-before interpreting the contents of the address. IPv4 addresses have
-the value
+before interpreting the contents of the address; do not assume that the
+addresses are all IPv4 addresses, or even all IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
+IPv4 addresses have the value
IPv6 addresses have the value

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