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Mention that we can read some pcap-ng files.

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1 parent b4b6648 commit ed73055294647b82419bbcc002474823755cc84b @guyharris guyharris committed Jan 10, 2010
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@@ -43,11 +43,15 @@ pcap_t *pcap_fopen_offline(FILE *fp, char *errbuf);
is called to open a ``savefile'' for reading.
.I fname
-specifies the name of the file to open. The file has
-the same format as those used by
+specifies the name of the file to open. The file can have the pcap file
+format as described in
+.BR pcap-savefile (@MAN_FILE_FORMATS@),
+which is the file format used by, among other programs,
.BR tcpdump (1)
-.BR tcpslice (1).
+.BR tcpslice (1),
+or can have the pcap-ng file format, although not all pcap-ng files can
+be read.
The name "-" in a synonym for
.BR stdin .

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