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A weather station transceiver library
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VPTools is a Davis(TM) weather station compatible transceiver library. It is a work in progress. It can receive from multiple RF transmitters (ISS, ATK, etc.) It tries to serve as a basis for similar hobby projects. Example sketches provide simple, parseable and RAW packet output among others.

  • The ISSRx sketch is a receiver with a simple interface configurable in source code.
  • The AnemometerTX sketch is a simple anemometer transmitter for Davis anemometers. It's a work in progress and needs optimisations for low power operation, but can serve as a base for doing so. It can easily be adapted to emulate any Davis transmitter.
  • The WxReceiver sketch is a receiver compatible with the WeeWx driver written by Matthew Wall et al for the Meteostick.

Originally based on code by DeKay - for technical details on packet formats, etc. see his (now outdated) wiki and the source code of this repo.

Using these commands you can tweak the configuration on the fly to get the best reception on the Davis VP2 console.

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