A simple echo server ported from the Netty Java documentation.
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This is a Scala port of EchoServer and EchoServerHandler from the Netty documentation.

To run the example, make sure you have Scala and simple-build-tool installed, then:

$ sbt clean update compile run

This should download Netty, compile the code and start the echo server:

[info] Building project echo 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT against Scala 2.8.1
[info] Running com.postneo.protocols.echo.EchoServer

You can now telnet to the echo server and enter a line of text to be echoed back:

$ telnet 8888
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

The server implementation can be found in src/main/scala/com/postneo/protocols/echo/EchoServer.scala and the handler is in src/main/scala/com/postneo/protocols/echo/EchoServer.scala.