PHP port of Dan Palmer's jquery.complexify.js
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PHP port of Dan Palmer's jquery.complexify.js


composer require mcrumley/php-complexify


$check = new \Complexify\Complexify();
$result = $check->evaluateSecurity('correct horse battery staple');

echo round($result->complexity, 1) . '% ';
if ($result->valid) {
    echo 'VALID';
} else {
    echo 'NOT VALID: '.implode(', ', $result->errors);


You can override the default configuration by passing an array to the constructor.

$check = new \Complexify\Complexify(array(
    'minimumChars' => 8,          // the minimum acceptable password length
    'strengthScaleFactor' => 1,   // scale the required password strength (higher numbers require a more complex password)
    'bannedPasswords' => array(), // override the default banned password list
    'banMode' => 'strict',        // strict == don't allow substrings of banned passwords, loose == only ban exact matches
    'encoding' => 'UTF-8',        // password string encoding

Return value

The evaluateSecurity method returns an object containing the following properties:

  • valid - TRUE if the password passes all checks
  • complexity - The calculated complexity as a percent of the maximum (25 characters with at least one from each set)
  • errors - Zero or more strings explaining the checks that did not pass
    • banned
    • tooshort
    • toosimple


This code is distributed under the WTFPL v2 licence.

Version History

0.4 - Changed banmode option to banMode

0.3.1 - Added composer support

0.3 - First release (matched version number of the JS version)