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DEPRECATED: Safari no longer supports extensions that modify the behaviour of the address bar. Consider using a separate tool, such as Alfred:

AnySearch Safari Extension

Use a custom search engine in the Safari address bar, or disable searches completely.

Download here

What's this then?

As of Safari 6, the separate address bar and Google Search field have been combined into a single "Smart Search Field" that can take both web addresses and searches. In the Safari Preferences, you can set one of four different search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

This extension allows you to set any search engine you want. In the extension settings, there is a long list of popular search engines to choose from, or you can specify your own custom address.

Alternatively, you can disable the search functionality completely, turning the "Smart Search Field" back into a simple address bar.

Specifying a custom search engine

If the search engine you want to use is not in the list, you can specify a custom one using the text field in the settings. To find the url you need to put here, go to your chosen search engine and search for @@@. Then just copy and paste the address of the search results. It should look something like this:

More advanced search functions

The extension KeySearch offers this same functionality and more. In particular, you can also:

  • Specify keywords to target a specifc search engine. e.g. wiki apple to search Wikipedia for apple.

  • Set up quick shortcuts. e.g. set yt to always take you to

  • Use a semi-transparent "HUD" over the current webpage activated by a keyboard shortcut.

  • Set up keyboard shortcuts for different search engines.

Read more and download


Safari extension to use a custom search engine in the Safari address bar, or disable searches completely.







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