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A keyword search extension for Safari.



KeySearch adds a new way of searching the Internet to Safari. It uses short keywords to allow you to search any site you want, right from the toolbar.

While browsing the web, just press ^S (or click the toolbar button) to bring up the KeySearch bar. Type a keyword, then your search query, and hit , and KeySearch will find the site you want to search and perform the search for you.

No more going to Google first!


KeySearch comes with plenty of keywords that are ready for you to use.

Want to see videos of cute kittens? youtube cute kittens

Forgotten who directed Star Trek? imdb Star Trek 2009

Need directions for a trip? map New York to LA

Creating Keywords

To create a new keyword, just do the following:

  • right-click on any search box in a web page
  • choose “Create keyword for this search”
  • type in a keyword

…And let KeySearch take care of the rest.

You can keep track of all your keywords by clicking “Edit Keywords” in the KeySearch bar. Here, you can manually create new keywords, add specific keyboard shortcuts for each keyword, and delete (or temporarily disable) keywords.


There are a few different ways you can search using Keysearch:

  • Click the toolbar button to bring up the popover search

  • Use a keyboard shortcut to bring up the popover search (configurable in settings)

  • Use a keyboard shortcut to search using a semi-transparent “HUD” over the current web page

  • Search using the address bar (or “omnibar” in Safari 6). The keyboard shortcut ⌘L can be used to activate the address bar.

Sites that don’t have search

Some sites don’t have their own search engines, but you can still use KeySearch to search them.

Instead of a keyword, just type >example.com query to search any site using Google Site Search. If you want to search the site that is currently open, just use > query.

Faster Bookmarks

Keywords aren’t just great for search. You can assign them to any web address you want, and use them as a quick way to access your favourite sites. Use yt to take you to YouTube, or fb to take you to Facebook.