Simple SLIME-inspired interaction mode for Vim
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interact.vim's primary intended use is to allow one to load code from a working buffer into an interpreter using simple key mappings, thereby acting as a primitive yet unobtrusive IDE replacement.

The interpreter is to be run inside a GNU Screen session; interact.vim uses Screen's stuff command to blindly push text through to whatever is in the selected Screen window, which doesn't have to be a language interpreter. Vim itself doesn't need to be run from Screen; this plugin works just as well with GVim.

Read the initial comment on the source file itself for more on how to use it.



  • put interact.vim in ~/.vim/plugin/;

  • or, as I do, keep it somewhere like ~/.vim/autoload and have the script load for certain filetypes only, e.g. for Lisp files:

    echo 'source ~/.vim/autoload/interact.vim' >> ~/.vim/ftplugin/lisp.vim