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=== Just Custom Fields ===
Contributors: aprokopenko
Plugin Name: Just Custom Fields for Wordpress
Plugin URI: http://justcoded.com/just-labs/just-custom-fields-for-wordpress-plugin/
Author: Alexander Prokopenko
Author URI: http://justcoded.com/
Tags: custom, fields, custom fields, meta, post meta, object meta, editor
Requires at least: 3.0.0
Tested up to: 3.4
Donate link: http://justcoded.com/just-labs/just-custom-fields-for-wordpress-plugin/#donate
Stable tag: trunk

This plugin add custom fields for standard and custom post types in WordPress.

== Description ==

This plugin add custom fields for standard and custom post types in WordPress. After installation you will see simple settings page which is self-explanatory to use.

For now plugin support such field types:

* Input text
* Select Box
* Multiple Select Box
* Checkbox (single and multiple)
* Textarea (you can use editor light for it)
* Date Picker\*
* Upload Media (for upload files and images)
* Fields Group (for some table data)
* Related Content (to set relation to another Post/Page or Custom Post Type)\*

_\*NOTE: Available **only** for WordPress 3.1+ (Related Content field works in Select mode). WordPress 3.0.\* has old  jQuery/jQuery UI versions and they are not compatible with DatePicker and Autocomplete fields._

**IMPORTANT** In version 1.3 added new functions to use in theme templates to print Upload Media fields content. Read more about it on plugins home page:


I've setup github repo for this plugin. Git is great repo with many features i can use as branches and also it has nice issue tracker. So i listed known bugs and future features there. You can post new bugs or feature requests for me there.

== Installation ==

1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
2. Activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend
3. Go to Settings > Just Custom Fields
4. Choose Standard/Custom Post Type you want to edit custom fields
5. Create Fieldset
6. Add fields to the fieldset.

To use values from these fields in your theme, you can use usual post meta functions such as:


== Upgrade Notice ==
* Remove old plugin folder.
* Follow install steps 1-2. All settings will be saved.

== Screenshots ==

1. Plugin settings page where you can manage custom fields
2. The edit post page meta box with fields created on settings page

== Changelog ==
* Next release plans
	* fix thumbs on http auth restricted sites
	* Select box "blank" value extended options
	* export/import plugin settings
	* PHP-Code generators to use in templates when editing custom fields
	* Shortcodes for WP editor
	* extend support for new capability types (now it's only "post")
	* datepicker date formats
	* make fieldsets related to categories (show/hide based on category select)
	* restrict Custom field to Page/Post ID
* Version 1.3.2
	* Bug fix: emergency fixes for WordPress 3.4
* Version 1.3.1
	* Bug fix: notices about deprecated param for add_options_page().
	* Bug fix: missing thumbnail for image upload when Site URL is differ from Wordpress URL 
* Version 1.3
	* New: Added 2 template functions to print images from Upload Media field
	* New: Select box have "Select One" option (for empty values)
	* Updated .pot files (for guys who want to create their own translations)
	* Updated Russian translations
	* New: Added Belarusian translations (Thanks to Alexander Ovsov (http://webhostinggeeks.com/science/)
	* Bug fix: Textarea field compatibility with Wordpress 3.3 (thanks Jam for bug reported)
	* Bug fix: Sometimes fieldsets works buggly with Cyrillic-only names
* Version 1.2.1:
	* Bug fix: Border radius for forms for Chrome and Safari
* Version 1.2:
	* Bug fix: Single checkbox uncheck problem
* Version 1.1.1:
	* Bug fix: Uploadmedia don't work if there are no main Content Editor field (for Custom Post Types)
* Version 1.1 :
	* Add feature to enable/disable fields without removing them
	* Add component "Related Content" (so you can add relation to another Custom Post Type with simple autocomplete field)
	* Bug fix: Randomly changing fieldset order after field update
	* Bug fix: Component css not loading without js
	* Improved css :)
* Version 1.0 :
	* Added support for multi-language
	* Added Russian translations
	* Added Italian translations (Thanks to Andrea Bersi for help with Italian version)
	* Fixed bug with blank screen on update post
	* Updated colors to match new Administrative UI in WordPress 3.2
* Version 0.9beta :
	* First version beta
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Q: Where I can edit new fields for Posts or Pages? =
A: After installing and activating plugin you will see new menu option Settings > Just Custom Fields

= Q: My site works slow, is it something wrong with your plugin? =
A: Plugin is loaded only in Backend and create all objects only on Post edit pages and on the Settings page. So it can't affect the site.

= Q: How can i add my own component (new field type)? =
A: first of all you need to create class for this field. You class should be extended from Just_Field main class!
You can copy class /[plugins-folder]/just-custom-fields/components/input-text.php to your plugin or theme and correct it:
- change name
- changle class methods to use your data.
Class structure is very similar to WordPress Widget classes.

Then you need to include your new component file.

And the last step:
- add new hook action "add_action('jcf_register_fields', 'my_register_fields_function')"
- create hook action function and call there: