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Real-time social media analytics for the horticulture industry, part of the BigTU research project
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The Hortiradar is a project by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in cooperation with BIGt&u. The main goal is providing the Dutch horticulture and floriculture industries with valuable insights from social media. To this end we're building an analytics platform for Twitter data.

See docs/ for an overview of the design of the Hortiradar.


Hortiradar is free software. You are free to share, improve and use the code under the conditions as described in the Apache-2.0 license, included in LICENSE.txt. The following files are not Apache-2.0 licensed but have their own conditions:

  • CC-BY-4.0: hortiradar/database/data/obscene_words.txt
  • GPL-3.0: hortiradar/website/interaction_graph.ts

Look at LEGAL.txt for the free software licenses of code used in this project.

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