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how I work on my website. behind the curtain..
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what the heck is this repo about you ask? What a great question and I love your go gettum attitude!

I decided to make a repository to show how I approach all the changes to my website. Recently I've decided to approach any problem I had programmatically..programmacally...programmaticalerlyness...anyway. Approach it in a way that I use programming to help me overcome what challenges I face with it or use programming in a way to help me better understand the issue.

that's the general idea, super vague but okay

My site is a static, pretty cut and dry, easy to try-at-home, HTML and github.pages site. The reason I went with this is because I'm fully aware of all the fancy shmancy frameworks and automations out there for making a website but I do not have as much experience with all those bells and whistles.

How I learn about something is reinventing the wheel, and I try to see if I can make my own (albeit, robust) versions of everything using what I already know how to do in Python.

why python

I don't know. Years ago I made a decision to learn programming and then the next decision I made (which took me way too long to be honest) was which language I should pick. I was between Ruby and Python. I honestly think I picked Python because well...ahem..I'm a Slytherin...

I hope all the logic behind that extremely justified decision doesn't hurt your brain.

back to what's important.

right now the problem I'm working on with my website is redesigning the blog roll to look pretty.

the challenge is that I've hardcoded all the information in on the blog roll. So in addition to writing an entirely new one, I want to avoid the copy-pasta workflow I have and design a python implementation that will create and insert the new code for me.


in addition to that, I have to transfer over all the other blog posts. So I will be writing a scraper/builder of sorts.

Here's what I have so far

Let me know what you think.

Or don't. Do you.

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