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QR code generator for digibyte
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QR code generator for digibyte

Generating static QR Code

<img class="DigiQR" uri="HTTP://123AB" size="OPTIONAL_SIZE" logo="OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION" r="1">

  • DigiID logo will automatically be used if uri starts with digiid://
  • All fields but class and uri are optional
  • Will automatically be made clickable
  • Library file must be added at end of html to use in this way

Generating changable QR Code

Place image tag in your html <img id="qr">

Set the img src pick one:

  • Encode anything into a qr code: document.getElementById("qr").src = DigiQR.text(VALUE,OPTIONAL_SIZE,OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION);
  • Encode payment request: document.getElementById("qr").src = DigiQR.request(DIGIBYTE_ADDRESS,DIGIBYTE_AMOUNT_REQUESTED,OPTIONAL_SIZE,OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION);
  • Encode digibyte address with link to explorer: document.getElementById("qr").src = DigiQR.explorer(DIGIBYTE_ADDRESS,OPTIONAL_SIZE,OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION);
  • Encode digibyte address. Can encode private keys also: document.getElementById("qr").src = DigiQR.address(DIGIBYTE_ADDRESS,OPTIONAL_SIZE,OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION);
  • Encode digiID uri: document.getElementById("qr").src =,OPTIONAL_SIZE,OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION);

Variable definitions:

DIGIBYTE_ADDRESS:		(string) containing public address (private key can be used with address)
DIGIBYTE_AMOUNT_REQUESTED:	(float) number of digibyte requesting
OPTIONAL_SIZE:			defaults to 200 pixels
OPTIONAL_LOGO_VERSION:		0,false,undefined	no logo
				1,true			logo with white box
				2			logo with white circle
				4			logo with no boarder
				5			large logo with white dots
				6			large logo with white squares

If you found this helpful please donate: Digibyte: DLExRXZ4oXnEWEpP6bNYG4urNLnDr4jJ2n

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