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Extending Dockership

Extending Dockership

Dockership doesn't provide a plugin system. However, it exposes some machine-friendly interfaces you can write programs against to extend its basic functionality.

Web hooks

You can get notifications pushed to your server when some events happen in Dockership. To do this, add the WebHook property to a project in your configuration file.

All notifications will be sent as POST requests with a JSON value in the body, thus with an application/json content type. will be sent when a deploy succeeds for this project. The request will have a JSON object body with keys previous_revision, current_revision, project, environment and errors.

Currently, the only notification happens after a deploy. The sent JSON value will be an object with:

  • previous_revision, the identifier (typically, the hash of a commit) of the running revision of the code before the deployment happened.
  • current_revision, the identifier of the currently running revision, after the deployment.
  • project name, as defined in Configuration.
  • environment name, as defined in Configuration.
  • errors, an array of strings describing the errors that prevented the deployment, if any. If the array is not empty, the deployment failed, and current_revision will be the same as previous_revision.

HTTP endpoints

For pulling information out of Dockership, you can access some resources exposed as JSON values in HTTP endpoints.

  • /rest/projects is an object containing the projects defined in the configuration indexed by project name. Each entry in the object is the JSON serialization of a Project value.
  • /rest/status is an object containing the status of each project indexed by project name. Each entry in the object is the JSON serialization of a StatusResult value.
  • /rest/status/:project, :project being a placeholder for a project name, is the entry for the desired project in the object given at /rest/status.