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a way to easily switch between github accounts on a project basis
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This helps solve a problem for me, as my company requires that I use a company-specific github account, but when I want to work on other open-source projects, I can't use the company-specific account. I've solved this by storing profiles in the global .gitconfig and writing a simple script to override a project's config with a profile, if necessary.

TLDR: quick switching between github accounts

Just to be clear, this script currently writes to and stores your profile in your global git config file.


  1. git clone ~/.github-profiles
  2. sudo ln -s ~/.github-profiles/bin/github-profile /usr/bin/github-profile


To add a profile to be used globally:

github-profile add --profile mculp --email --name "Matt Culpepper"

To switch to a profile within a specific project:

github-profile use --profile mculp


  • tie into ~/.ssh/config to switch hosts on a per-project basis
  • use dotfiles instead of writing to global config to be less intrusive?
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