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Optional Pack

This repo contains "optional" client-only mods suitable for inclusion in most MCU serverpacks. It is maintained by the MCU team and should hopefully serve as a useful community resource.

If you have a proposed addition to the pack, please contact us on the MCU Discord server - we're open to suggestions for mods to include in the pack. But remember, this pack is public and winds up being included in LOTS of different packs, so a bad update can break people across the community, and nobody wants that.

Obviously, the modlist is different from version to version, and the 1.12 mods are the most recently updated, but we are willing to update the pack for older MC versions if there is an appropriate update.


Add the following directive to your <Server/> directive(s):

<Import url="">optional</Import>

As long as you are running one of the following MC versions, the appropriate mods will be mixed into your pack:

  • 1.7.10
  • 1.10.2
  • 1.12.2

Make sure you aren't manually including any of the optional mods provided here. If you need to provide a different version of one or need to require one (or want to block it, etc...), you can <Override/> as necessary - just be sure to use the same mod ID we're using. Multiple copies of the same mod with different ID's are where 98% of problems here come from.


If you are working on updates to the pack or just want to see how these optional mods work without the full overhead of a big modlist, we also have a test pack that you can add to MCU:

This will add server definitions for each supported MC version that do nothing more than load forge and the optionals.


A standard set of optional included mods for MCU serverpacks.






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