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This repository will hold the syllabi for the courses in the Adelphi University graduate program in **Educational Technology.
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Adelphi University Educational Technology Courses

The goal of this project is to create a space where the course syllabi for the program in Educational Technology can be easily shared, edited, and remixed.

Directories and components


This is where the action is -- the actual syllabi are located in the /courses dir. They are written in markdown using the pandoc extensions. If you are interseted in the course content, this is the place to look, you can pretty much ignore the rest of the project.

This script builds all of the courses into standalone html files. Basically, it does this:

  • look up all the files in /courses
  • grab a template from /tmpl
  • include the main css for that tmeplate from /css
  • optionally include a course-specific css
  • execute pandoc to build html files to /out

To run the script, you need Python (probably will work with whatever version you have installed) and pandoc.

The script works for me, but is very rough. For example, there is no way to change the template without editing the script. Also the only template so far is the Adelphi template, but it would be easy enough to build a plain and a mobile template.


Once you run build, here are your html course syllabi, which should look nice and stylish. I use rsync to push these to the live website:


The HTML for the courses is built here, without any "containing" html. The raw output is used to push to Wordpress, Blogger, etc. where the framework already has its own template.

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