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10A - LED Strap (long) random color.mkv
10A - LED Strap (short) random color.mkv
10B - LED Strap (long) scrolling rainbow.mkv
10B - LED Strap (short) scrolling rainbow.mkv
12 - Motion sensor read.mkv
1A - LED light up.mkv
1B - LEDs blink.mkv
2A - Key input detection.mkv
2B - Keys input combination.mkv
2C - Key controlled relay.mkv
3A - Traffic lights control.mkv
4A - Beep number.mp3
4B - Beep player.mp3
4C - Beep morse code.mp3
5A - PWM breathing LEDs.mkv
5B - PWM servo motor step.mkv
5C - PWM servo motor smooth waving.mkv
6A - LED Segment counter.mkv
6B - LED Segment down counter.mkv
6C - LED Segment clock.mkv
7A - LED Matrix 8x8 binary counter.mkv
7B - LED Matrix 8x8 blinking heart.mkv
7C - LED Matrix 8x8 scrolling arrow.mkv
7D - LED Matrix 8x8 draw triangle.mkv
7E - LED Matrix 8x8 rotating rectangle.mkv
7F - LED Matrix 8x8 rotating windmill.mkv
7G - LED Matrix 8x8 falling raindrops.mkv
8A - LED Matrix 32x8 random pixel.mkv
8B - LED Matrix 32x8 moving heart.mkv
8C - LED Matrix 32x8 clock.mkv
8D - LED Matrix 32x8 counter.mkv
8E - LED Matrix 32x8 countdown timer.mkv
8F - LED Matrix 32x8 moving string (horizontal).mkv
8G - LED Matrix 32x8 moving string (vertical).mkv
9A - Stepper motor control (set by pins).mkv
9B - Stepper motor control (set by port).mkv
9C - Stepper motor control (set by sgpio).mkv
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