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Produces a spreadsheet and charts summarizing the aggregate results for AGCME's ITE or Basic exams.

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Missed topic summaries for ITE and Basic exams

Produces a spreadsheet summarizing the aggregate results for AGCME's ITE (ProgramItem report) or Basic (Program Summary of Examinees' Item Performance report) exams.

GUI screenshot

By default, acgme_missed_topics will open a GUI built by Gooey. Disable by setting the GUI_DISABLE environment variable.

$ GUI_DISABLE=1 ite-basic-missed-topics -t $TYPE infile.pdf outfile.xlsx

$TYPE is one of basic or ite.


To install globally, build the wheel using poetry build, and install it using pip.

The following binaries are provided when installing, corresponding to the main functions of their corresponding scripts:

  • ite-basic-missed-topics:
  • ite-percentile-plotting:

Criteria and configuration

The key at the top isn't particularly readable, but it's what fuels the coloring and the marks in the Deficient columns.

If you expand the columns a bit, it shows that one is marked deficient if either:

  1. the difference from the national mean is worse than -15% and the % missed is greater than 0%
  2. the % missed is 100%

Deficient legend

Similarly, the numbers to the right of each color control the highlighting cutoffs for the corresponding category. For example, the "Difference" section is marked as green if it's between 0 and 20%, blue if 20% or greater, and light red if between -10% and -20%.

Highlighting legend

All of the numbers at the top of the spreadsheet can be changed, and the highlighting and "Deficient Area" marks should update automatically!

Percentile plotting

Produces training level bar charts from ITE Improvement in Performance report and Guideline Norm Table.

GUI screenshot

$ GUI_DISABLE=1 ite-percentile-plotting ITE2021_Improvement_in_Performance_ID.pdf


Produces a spreadsheet and charts summarizing the aggregate results for AGCME's ITE or Basic exams.