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A simple python microservice to export data as an Excel xlsx spreadsheet.

While the excellent js-xlsx project has a rich feature set and allows client-side exporting, the community edition doesn't include style configuration. Also, offloading some work to a service is kind to your users' devices and batteries.


Accepts an array of arrays (rows and columns) of data via POST body, and returns an Excel xlsx spreadsheet with the data.

Primitive values

If an input cell's value is a primitive, the output cell will simply contain the value. For example, the following input will behave how you expect:

	[1, 2, 3],
	["a", "b", "c"]


If an object, the following properties are used:

  • value: The output cell's value
  • style: The cell's style. Currently only builtin string styles are supported.

For example, the following input will result in the cell A2 containing 2 and being highlighted with Excel's builtin Accent1 style:

	[1, { "value": 2, "style": "Accent1" }, 3]

More configuration options, such as formatting, more advanced styles, and formulas are planned and will be added as needed.

Deployment and configuration

Everything is handled in, which exports a handler class that extends BaseHTTPRequestHandler. Designed for simple deployment with Zeit's now, simply modifying the now.json configuration file to your desires and running now should work out of the box.

CORS headers and preflight requests should be handled appropriately out of the box using the ALLOWED_ORIGINS environment variable, a space-separated list of domains that should be allowed to use the service. Omitting this, or setting it to * allows any domain to use the service.

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