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Clog is a stupid, barely functional campfire command-line client that probably won't work.


Use pip to install the dependencies listed in Requirements:

$ pip install -r Requirements

It's recommended that this be done inside of a dedicated virtual environment.


Copy the contents of credentials.example.yaml to a file called credentials.yaml, and supply your own campfire auth token and relevant subdomain.

Your auth token can be found by logging into your campfire account.



Streaming chat from a room is simple:

$ ./ stream MyRoom

On OS X, text-to-speech is also available:

$ ./ stream MyRoom --text_to_speech

Clog uses pyfire to communicate with the campfire API, and streaming is done by default in "transcript" mode. This means that joining the room isn't necessary, but it also means that when streaming is started, all of the "recent" messages will be output. Text-to-speech is disabled for any messages that were sent prior to starting streaming (you want this, trust me).

To stop the streaming server, simply hit the enter key.

Room listing

Rooms can be listed:

$ ./ rooms

Room info

Detailed info about a can be shown:

$ ./ info MyRoom


When text-to-speech is enabled for streaming, different users can be given different voices by adding them to voices.yaml. Keys are usernames, and values are voice names. Partial usernames are acceptable: simply using "John" will match a user named "John Doe".

Available voices can be listed for your system by using the say command:

$ say -v ?


There's probably lots of them, and I don't really care.