A curated list of awesome Kotlin frameworks, libraries, documents and other resources
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Awesome Kotlin


A curated list of awesome Kotlin frameworks, libraries, documents and other resources.



  • FlexboxLayout - FlexboxLayout is a library project which brings the similar capabilities of CSS Flexible Box Layout Module to Android.
  • Anko - Anko is a library which makes Android application development faster and easier.
  • kotlinx.coroutines - Library support for Kotlin coroutines.
  • RxDownload - A multi-threaded download tool written with RxJava and Kotlin.
  • ActivityStarter - Android Library that provide simpler way to start the Activities with multiple arguments.
  • SQLDelight - Generates Java models from CREATE TABLE statements.
  • RxKotlin - Kotlin Adaptor for RxJava
  • SuperSLiM - A layout manager for the RecyclerView
  • Kotlin/Native - a LLVM backend for the Kotlin compiler
  • Bubble-Picker - An easy-to-use animation which can be used for content picking for Android
  • ktor - Kotlin Web backend framework.
  • KBinding - Android MVVM framework write in kotlin.
  • TornadoFX - Lightweight JavaFX Framework for Kotlin
  • KotlinPreferencesObject - Kotlin Android Library, that makes preference usage in Kotlin simple and fun, using single object with fields binded to SharedPreferences.
  • Kotter Knife - View "injection" library for Android.
  • Koi - A lightweight kotlin library for Android, including many useful extensions, async functions and quick adapter.
  • Wasabi - An HTTP Framework
  • Kara Web Framework - Kara is a web framework for the JVM written in Kotlin.
  • Kovenant - Promises for Kotlin
  • KAndroid - Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code
  • KAConf - KickAss Configuration. An annotation-based configuration system for Java and Kotlin
  • Fuel - The easiest HTTP networking library for Kotlin/Android.
  • funKTionale - Functional constructs and patterns for Kotlin
  • Kotson - Gson for Kotlin, Kotson enables you to parse and write JSON with Google's Gson using a conciser and easier syntax.
  • Kwery - Kwery is an SQL library for Kotlin.
  • kotlin-core and its related reposiories - A full framework for making Android apps. Based on Anko and Kotson.
  • Kotlin NoSQL - Kotlin NoSQL is a reactive and type-safe DSL for working with NoSQL databases.
  • shadow - Android custom shadow view, can replace your CardView.
  • Exposed - Exposed is a prototype for a lightweight SQL library written over JDBC driver for Kotlin language.
  • Klaxon - Klaxon is a lightweight library to parse JSON in Kotlin.
  • Kobalt - Kobalt is a modern and versatile build system.
  • Debug Bottle - Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language.
  • jackson-module-kotlin - Module that adds support for serialization/deserialization of Kotlin classes and data classes.
  • Kodein - Kodein: Kotlin Dependency Injection
  • KBuilders - KBuilders turns your Java builders into beautiful Type-Safe Builders.
  • Result - This is a tiny framework for modelling success/failure of operations in Kotlin.
  • Spek - A Specification Framework for Kotlin
  • Klutter - Library of many small useful things
  • Kovert - an invisible, super easy and powerful REST and Web framework overt Vert.x or Undertow
  • Injekt - native Kotlin dependency injection (object registry style)
  • Solr-Undertow - standalone high perforamnce, simple Solr server. Embeddeable as a library.
  • Gradle Script Kotlin - Kotlin language support for Gradle build scripts.
  • Kotgo - An android development framework on kotlin using MVP architecture.
  • KillerTask - Android AsyncTask wrapper library, written in Kotlin
  • Bansa - A state container for Kotlin & Java, inspired by Elm & Redux
  • KotlinTest - A kotlin test framework inspired by ScalaTest
  • kotlin.logging - A logging framework for Kotlin
  • Kotlin User Onboarding - A simple and customizable android onboarding library written in Kotlin matching Material Guidelines.
  • KotlinDiscreteMathToolkit - Set of extensions for Kotlin that provides Discrete math functionalities.
  • Mystique - A generalized adapter for RecyclerView on Android which makes it easy to add heterogeneous items to a list
  • Vaadin-On-Kotlin - A simple way to write full-stack component-oriented web apps
  • Properlty - Simple configuration library with placeholders resolution and zero magic!
  • NoiseView - Android library written in kotlin that add noise effect to image.
  • GAnalytics - A tiny api layer for any analytics in application
  • PreferenceHolder - Library that is making SharedPreference usage in Kotlin simple and fun.
  • LastAdapter - Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!
  • FerrisWheelView - Simple android library to present an animated ferris wheel.
  • Kotlin-Gremlin-OGM - A type-safe object/graph mapping framework for Gremlin enabled graph databases.
  • DynamoDB-utils - Collection of AWS DynamoDB utility functions. Query DSL, table cloner and batch writer.
  • KBus - Dead simple EventBus for Android made with Kotlin and RxJava 2.
  • AndroidCoroutineScopes - This lib implements the most common CoroutineScopes used in Android apps.






  • Kotlin for Android Developers - This book is not meant to be a language reference, but a tool for Android developers to learn Kotlin and be able to continue with their own projects by themselves.
  • Kotlin in Action (MEAP) - Kotlin in Action takes experienced Java developers from the language basics all the way through building applications to run on the JVM and Android devices.
  • Programming Kotlin - Programming Kotlin is aimed at Java developers who want to make the transition to Kotlin. It covers the complete Kotlin language from basic sytax through to concurrency and testing.
  • Modern Web Development with Kotlin - Modern Web Development with Kotlin is a book by Denis Kalinin about Web development with Kotlin.
  • Fundamental Kotlin - Fundamental Kotlin is a book focused on Kotlin programming language and its comparison to Java.


  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 - The best Kotlin IDE, support Java, Groovy, Scala and Android development.
  • dokka - Dokka is a documentation engine for Kotlin, performing the same function as javadoc for Java.
  • kotlin-vim - Kotlin plugin for Vim. Featuring syntax highlighting and basic indentation
  • kotlin-sublime-package - Sublime Text 2 Package for Kotlin Programming Language
  • language-kotlin - Kotlin language support in Atom
  • kotlin-plugin-eclipse - The Kotlin Plugin for Eclipse helps you write, run, debug and test programs in Kotlin language.
  • android-parcelable-intellij-plugin-kotlin - Plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code in Intellji/Android Studio.
  • CodeGlance - Intelij IDEA plugin for displaying a code mini-map similar to the one found in Sublime.
  • kscript - Enhanced scripting support for Kotlin on *nix-based systems.
  • detekt - Static code analysis for Kotlin.