WISHBONE SD Card Controller IP Core
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Wishbone SD Card Controller IP Core

The Wishbone SD Card Controller IP Core is MMC/SD communication controller designed to be used in a System-on-Chip. IP core provides simple interface for any CPU with Wishbone bus. The communication between the MMC/SD card controller and MMC/SD card is performed according to the MMC/SD protocol.


This core is based on the "sd card controller" project from http://opencores.org/project,sdcard_mass_storage_controller but has been largely rewritten. A lot of effort has been made to make the core more generic and easily usable with OSs like Linux.

  • data transfer commands are not fixed
  • data transfer block size is configurable
  • multiple block transfer support
  • R2 responses (136 bit) support


The MMC/SD card controller provides following features:

  • 1- or 4-bit MMC/SD mode (does not support SPI mode),
  • 32-bit Wishbone interface,
  • DMA engine for data transfers,
  • Interrupt generation on completion of data and command transactions,
  • Configurable data transfer block size,
  • Support for any command code (including multiple data block tranfser),
  • Support for R1, R1b, R2(136-bit), R3, R6 and R7 responses.


The documentation is located in the doc/ directory.


A sample ORPSoC project that make use of this core is located at:


The project is based on de0_nano board with custom made expansion board with SD Card connector.

There is also u-boot project port for this board located at:


This u-boot project contains driver for Wishbone SD Card Controller IP Core and can be configured for de0_nano board (with custom made expansion board).

Also in the plan is the driver for Linux. The initial work can be found at:

https://github.com/mczerski/linux - de0_nano branch

the driver is named ocsdc and is located in drivers/mmc/host directory.


  • rx/tx fifo treshold to do block transfers rather than many signle word transfers
  • maybe one fifo rathen than two fifos (rx and tx) would suffice since the transfer between card and controller is always half-duplex
  • read only and card detect signals support