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@essentials @LogBlock @ElasticPortalSuite @ZombesModpack @SpigotMC

Minecraft Management (RatCave Network) Minecraft mapmaker Youtuber (TheDutchDude)

RatCave Network

Sean Frasure seanfrasure

- Front End UI Designer (HTML, CSS) - Minecraft plugin manager.

seanfrasure 'Merica, Earth

icedmoca icedmoca

Bukkit/Spigot api, html5,java,dev for java5, ost op

Shod Network Tucson, AZ

Skaizdoesmc Skaizdoesmc

Bukkit Developer, for requests please DM on Twitter @Skaizdoesmc.


mathhulk mathhulk

I am a freelance web developer (kinda amateur) from the United States. I like to work on smaller, non-complicated projects that can help the community.

Artex Development United States

Dominik Fleks FleksCZ

I'm developer and I program for Spigot / BungeeCord servers. I can program in Java, PHP, HTML, CSS.

@minegames Czech republic

Eftim eftimconev

Contact me at

Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Samuel Carr Samuel98

I very occasionally develop things...


RLEXBuilding RLEXBuilding

Hi c: :sunglasses:


kasper Franz KasperFranz

Entrepreneur ⋆ Server host ⋆ Full stack developer ⋆ Minecraft Server Owner ⋆ and much more :)

@Zenteodk Næstved, denmark

Atha Reveax

@DreamMC Germany, Leipzig

ImOlli ImOlli

Java Developer who loves Git <3


pascal25565 pascal25565

I'm 16 years old.


Beckett Hyde BurnDownTheIgloo

I just want to be loved....

MounTech Development Asgard

unchama unchama


personal japan

matrixfox matrixfox

Is your Apache service running? You better go catch it!


Logan Speck varrix

19, full-time Canadian, part-time tech enthusiast and aspiring software engineer. Working on @theblacksmiths software.

Freelance Canada

Mindgamesnl Mindgamesnl

Geeky, Gamer and..... euhh.. yeah, that's me!

None Hilversum Nl

Paul Zühlcke Trikolon

@fraunhoferfokus Berlin

Ali Fellings1

NamelessMC and Jigsaw Client Developer

@NamelessMC @JigsawClient United States

Inverse Integral InverseIntegral

Software Developer | Java, Spring, JavaScript, Python, PHP

Väinämö Łūmikērø vainamov

[/ˈvæˑinæ⁠mœ⁠/ /⁠lˈuːmiːkɛˑ⁠ro/]​ | 18 | student of applied IT in Suderburg | head of @wearefestival

@festivaldev Hannover, Germany

Chance fkatwigs

Open-source enthusiast, mother of 3 cats. I research web security and occasionally create web-apps.

Mitch MitchDevelopment

I am an up and coming Spigot (@SpigotMC) plugin developer.

@MitchDevelopment Location location = new Location(Type.HOME);

coopjc coopjc

Java Developer.


Konrad Milkyyy

Java Developer!


Olga Barrett OlgaBarrett

IT Recruiter APAC-wide. Looking for developers -> Senior Back End .NET | UI .Net (C#, MVC, Bootstrap) | Front End (AngularJS). Location -> Perth, WA

Sense Recruitment Perth, Australia

matt11matthew matt11matthew

Freelance Developer | Indie Developer