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drinkOn Web App

by Carly Marsh, Mike Dwyer, and Valerie Komova for General Assembly Project 3
Click here to try it out!


Our mission is to connect you to the closest happy hour happening right now and provide you with a current & updated happy hour drink and food menu. You can search nearby restaurants via the Google Places API and view happy hour information. This includes happy hour time slot and menu. If no information exists, users can add it. In addition, users can suggest updates if the informaiton listed is outdated. When a user suggests that data be changed, it becomes “maybe true”. When 3 or more users have confirmed the change, it becomes true. When 3 or more users dispute the change, it is discarded.


Carly, Mike, and Valerie were sitting in class together and were thinking about happy hours... if only there was a simpler way to find a happy hour near you. Other apps have old information, and it is hard to search through websites like Yelp / Google Maps for happy hours specifically. There is no clear / clean app that exists out there for this. We decided to create one!


Home Page

Search Page

Results Page

Technologies Used

  • Google Places API
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Django
  • Python
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku
  • Trello - click here for Trello planning/mapping board

Getting Started

Please visit to try out our app!

Next Steps

For next steps, we would like to add functionality to prompt users to confirm that informaiton is current if the last addition/update was made over a month ago. We would also like to add a geolocating feature that would take the user's current locaton and use those coordinates to load nearby happy hours.

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