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Arch Linux Repository

A set of meta-packages and tooling for managing Arch Linux installs via a custom repository.

pkg/mdaffin contains the meta-packages for my systems and do not strictly follow the Arch Linux packaging guidelines. Instead, I designed the packages for easy maintenance. I will sometimes change the contents of the meta-packages to suite my requirements, as such you should not use them directly. Instead use them as a base for creating your own meta-packages.

The installer directory contains installers for my different system with installer/install-arch containing the general purpose installer. Use this as a base for creating your own. You can install them from a normal Arch Linux ISO with curl and bash such as the following (using URL shortener to make it easier to type).

WARNING This will wipe a drive and install Arch Linux on it. DO NOT run unless you have read through it first.

curl -sL | bash

For more details see these blog posts:


I welcome fixes for bugs or better ways of doing something. But these packages and installers are for my personal use and as such I will not approve pull requests for features I do not need. Feel free to raise issues if you want help with your own packages, have an interesting idea, want some clarification or want to discuss something generally.


A token from Amazon S3 or Digital Ocean spaces in ~/.s3cfg as

access_key = <Access Key>
secret_key = <Secret Key>

Build all packages

Builds all local packages in pkg/ and uploads them to the remote repository.


You can build one or more packages rather then all packages by specifying the path to each package.

./bin/build pkg/mdaffin-{base,devel}

Managing AUR Packages

Use the aursync wrapper script to add/update packages from AUR.

# build and install one or more packages
./bin/sync <packages>

# update all aur packages
./bin/sync -u

Removing a Package

To remove a package from the repository run the following.

./bin/remove <package>