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Arch Repo

A set of packages and tools for managing arch linux install via a custom repo.

The idea is to manage a set of archlinux boxes with custom meta packages that install/configure sets of packages as well as to build/maintain aur packages.

For example mdaffin-base will install packages that I always install on both servers and desktops. And mdaffin-desktop will install/configure i3, sddm and a bunch of useful applcations that I use on all of my systems.

A repo is maintained in a amazon s3 bucket or digital ocean space with packages built from aur as well as some custom local packages stored in pkg/. The packages in pkg/ are meta/config packages disigned to make it easier to install an arch system the way I like and to help keep multiple systems uptodate/insync.

I do not expect anyone to use this repo directly, but feel free to clone it, create a repo of your own and start customising it to your liking.

There is an installer script in installer/install-arch that will bootstrap new system with this repo that only requires the arch live usb and this command:

curl -sL | bash

WARNING the above will wipe a drive and install arch on it. DO NOT run unless you have read through it first.

For more details see these blog posts:


A token from amazon s3 or digital ocean spaces in ~/.s3cfg as

access_key = <Access Key>
secret_key = <Secret Key>

Build all packages

Builds all local packages in pkg/ and uploads them to the remote repo.


You can build one or more packages rather then all packages be specifiyng the path to each package.

./bin/build pkg/mdaffin-{base,devel}

Managing AUR Packages

Use the aursync wrapper script to add/update packages from AUR.

# build and install one or more packages
./bin/sync <packages>

# update all aur packages
./bin/sync -u 

Removing a Package

Packages can be removed from the repo with the following.

./bin/remove <package>