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Chrome Extensions Archive

The goal is to provide a complete archive of the chrome web store with version history.

You can see the current status of what's archived and download the files here: dam.io/chrome-extensions-archive/

Installing the extensions

To install an extension, go to chrome://extensions/ and drop the file.

To avoid the auto-update, load it as an unpacked extension

Files are named as .zip but they are the exact same .crx stored on the store.

Running the scripts

scripts are python 3.5+ only

Install dependencies: pip3 install -r req.txt

Create some folders and initialize some files:

mkdir data
mkdir crawled
mkdir crawled/sitemap
mkdir crawled/pages
mkdir crawled/crx
mkdir crawled/tmp
mkdir ../site
mkdir ../site/chrome-extensions-archive
mkdir ../site/chrome-extensions-archive/ext
echo "{}" > data/not_in_sitemap.json


  • crawl_sitemap.py: gets you the list of all the extensions in data/sitemap.json
  • crawl_crx.py: use data/sitemap.json to download the crx

Site & stats:

  • scan_pages_history_to_big_list.py: makes data/PAGES.json by scanning the pages you crawled
  • crx_stats.py: makes data/crx_stats.json (what's currently stored)
  • make_site.py: use data/crx_stats.json + data/PAGES.json to generate the site
  • make_json_site.py: data/crx_stats.json + data/PAGES.json to generate JSON

Then I serve the files directly with nginx (see nginx.conf file for example)

Helping out

I have a few things in mind for the future:

  • diff of extensions versions as a web interface
  • malware/adware analysis
  • running an alternative web store (better search, firefox support,...)

Don't hesitate to reach out (here on issues, damien@dam.io or @dam_io on twitter)

To propose changes, just do a PR.