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Website to show reddit user /u/icanlegothat awesome creations

Live at


To install it, make sure you have Python 3.3 or greater installed (did't test it . Then run these command in a new virtualenv:

pip install -r requirements.txt
python migrate
python runserver

And go to http://localhost:8000 as usual, but there will be no content.
I developed it using the latest django trunk master version (1.7r2) to have migrations, you're free to make it compatible for an earlier version.

To get the latest reddit comments, you have to run this command:

python retrieve_data

And wait, it will take approximately 2min


Have fun, don't hesitate to send me pull requests or file an issue. Here is a few things I need to improve:

  • Switch to a master/dev branching and continuous integration developement
  • Unit and integration testing, especially for the reddit API calls and the comment parsing
  • Better parsing of the comments (the current one is really naive)
  • Better admin interface to edit the posts
  • Using it for another user (like ShittyWaterColor or AWildSketchAppereared)
  • Deployement using Heroku
  • Error reporting