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Provides common API to create toast notifications for android and iOS
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This plugin provides a common API for android and iOS to show toast notifications in your NativeScript applications.


tns plugin add nativescript-toasts

How to use

var nstoasts = require("nativescript-toasts");
var options = {
	text: "Hello World",
    duration : nstoasts.DURATION.SHORT,
    position : nstoasts.POSITION.TOP //optional

This plugin uses third party libraries for iOS

The plugin uses a pod created by Charles Scalesse to display toasts on iOS

Typescript users

import * as Toast from 'nativescript-toasts';

let toastOptions:Toast.ToastOptions = {
    text: "Hello World", 
    duration: Toast.DURATION.SHORT,
    position: Toast.POSITION.TOP //optional property
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