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Lorem_Ipsum is a simple little gem, all it wants in life is to generate placeholder text for you.

Rails 3

Lorem_Ipsum is Rails 3 ready. Rails 2 isn't supported. Sorries.


A burning desire to mock text. It deserves to be mocked.

How to Install

Install the Lorem_Ipsum gem:

gem install lorem_ipsum

Add the gem to your Gemfile file as thus:

gem "lorem_ipsum"

How to Use

  = lorem_ipsum '10c' # Ten characters
  = lorem_ipsum '5w'  # Five words
  = lorem_ipsum '2s'  # Two sentences
  = lorem_ipsum '3p'  # Three paragraphs

lorem_ipsum only carries 10 paragraphs in his purse, so tread lightly.

About the Author

My name is Matt Darby. I’m a Partner at Protected Method and hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Franklin University in sunny Columbus, OH.

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