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mjwrapper 0.1

1. About

mjwrapper is designed to fill a hole in Apple's OS X operating system. It is a
well-known issue that Java applications cannot see MIDI devices using OS X
10.5, 10.6 or some later versions of 10.4. This library is a bridge between
CoreMIDI (Apple's interface to MIDI devices) and the Java world.

UPDATE (15/5/10): Snow Leopard's latest Java patch theoretically re-adds
support for MIDI devices under Java. However, sysex support seems to be very

Whilst there are currently two other known libraries which do this, there are
several problems with 64-bit support and also the ability to send sysex
messages to the devices. To my knowledge, this is the first open-source
implementation of such a library.

This library was written in part to facilitate the use of the MegaDrum
configuration tool (MCT) on Mac OS X systems. MegaDrum is an electronic drum
controller which converts hits on electronic drums to MIDI notes. MCT is a
Java application which uses sysex messages to control it. Also in part it was
written in order to put something into the public domain, since other
developers seemed less than willing to do this.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Java programmer, and this is the very first time I've
written a major application using Java, Objective-C/Cocoa, CoreMIDI or any
other MIDI framework for that matter. I have made many assumptions along the
way which may invalidate this library completely. If you have suggestions, or
better yet, fixes and improvements, then please visit the website at the
bottom of this page and tell me about it! In addition, I make NO guarantees as
to whether this library will work for you or not. I can only say that, in my
case, things have worked fine.

As a side-node, mjwrapper stands for 'Mac Java Wrapper'.

- David Moxey

2. License

mjwrapper is distributed under the GPL v2. Please see the included LICENSE
file for more information.

3. Installation

Installation is extremely quick and simple. 
  a) In the Finder, navigate to Go -> Go to Folder...
  b) Type in the path /Library/Java/Extensions
  c) Copy mjwrapper.jnilib and mjwrapper.jar to that folder.

In theory this library should work on OS X 10.4 (Tiger) onwards but has ONLY
been tested on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

4. Compilation

The full source code to mjwrapper is available in the src directory. To
compile the source, first install Apple's Developer Tools (included in the
operating system DVDs), and then:

  a) Open a terminal and navigate to the src/ folder.
  b) Type 'make'.
  c) Type 'make install'.

Hopefully the comments in the files themselves should lend a clue as to the
way I have gone about implementing this library!