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Personal record/diary of my trials learning Lua

Nothing interesting yet. Perhaps one day.


Filename Description
01_hello_world.lua Have to start somewhere
02_meta_tables.lua Intro to metatables
03_read_file.lua File io and a coroutine test
04_read_binary_format.lua Binary file io to read Crimsonland data files
05_read_binary_format_2.lua Updated binary file io to read Crimsonland data files
06_thoughts_about_tags.lua Brain dump regarding tagging file offsets in a hex editor
07_xpcall_load_and_env.lua Calling chunks and injecting enviroments
08_meta_tables_again.lua Another look at metatables, in particular __index
09_old_module.lua Old module syntax (<= 5.1?)
10_new_module.lua New module syntax (>= 5.2?)
11_modules_pt2.lua Testing the old and new module formats
12_euler_problem_17.lua Project Euler problem 17 - Numbers to words
13_euler_problem_19.lua Project Euler problem 19 - Dates, loop, and leapyears
14_wx_test_gradient.lua wxLua First program. Displays a gradient
15_wx_test_text.lua wxLua program that can execute lua
16_wx_hex_view.lua wxLua program to display a simple hex listing of a file
17_build_readme.lua Attempt to auto update with an index
18_wx_pattern_matching.lua wxLua program to test lua pattern matching
19_wx_scrollbars.lua wxLua program to test custom scroll bars
20_wx_text_drawing.lua wxLua program to test buffered text drawing
21_wx_text_drawing_2.lua wxLua program to test buffered text drawing Again
22_base64.lua Base64 encoder (just for fun)
23_base64_tests.lua Testing without a test library
24_functional.lua Functional Programming... No, I don't kow what this is
25_wx_youtubedl_gui.lua wx GUI testing async reading from other processes
26_wow_load_savedvars.lua Read an WoW addon's saved variables data file
27_wow_read_karaidtrackerdb.lua Read saved variables for WoW addon RaidTracker
28_templates.lua Wrapping lustache around html files
29_wow_glctrt_report.lua Testing static html generator for GL KT RaidTracker
30_dsl_by_env.lua Silly idea about using setfenv make a dsl inside a function
31_print_led_digits.lua print numbers in an ASCII art LED style
32_types.lua Simple function arguments and return type checking?
33_five_problems_one_hour.lua Silly questions not answered in 60m
34_svg.lua Bad idea for generating super simple SVG markup
35_svg_again.lua Slightly better idea for working with SVG markup
36_big_numbers.lua Adding BigNumbers together, and only adding
37_fib_numbers_again.lua Fibonacci sequence again, this time without overflowing
38_happy_numbers.lua Happy numbers, a Code Eval challange
39_multiples_of_a_number.lua Multiplies of a number, another Code Eval easy challange
40_copas.lua Copas and async http tests for a new project


Record of my trials with learning Lua



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