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2012-01-12 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.3.2
* Clang support.
* Demangler and stacktrace improvement for newer GCCs.
* Now fork(2) doesn't mess up log files.
* Make valgrind happier.
* Reduce warnings for more -W options.
* Provide a workaround for ERROR defined by windows.h.
2010-06-15 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.3.1
* GLOG_* environment variables now work even when gflags is installed.
* Snow leopard support.
* Now we can build and test from out side tree.
* Add ShutdownGoogleLogging to close syslog (thanks DGunchev)
* Fix --enable-frame-pointers option (thanks kazuki.ohta)
* Fix libunwind detection (thanks giantchen)
2009-07-30 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.3.0
* Fix a deadlock happened when user uses glog with recent gflags.
* Suppress several unnecessary warnings (thanks keir).
* NetBSD and OpenBSD support.
* Use Win32API GetComputeNameA properly (thanks magila).
* Fix user name detection for Windows (thanks ademin).
* Fix several minor bugs.
2009-04-10 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.2.1
* Fix timestamps of VC++ version.
* Add pkg-config support (thanks Tomasz)
* Fix build problem when building with gtest (thanks Michael)
* Add --with-gflags option for configure (thanks Michael)
* Fixes for GCC 4.4 (thanks John)
2009-01-23 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.2
* Add initial Windows VC++ support.
* Google testing/mocking frameworks integration.
* Link pthread library automatically.
* Flush logs in signal handlers.
* Log microseconds.
* Add --log_backtrace_at option.
* Fix some minor bugs.
2008-11-18 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.1.2
* Add InstallFailureSignalHandler(). (satorux)
* Re-organize the way to produce stacktraces.
* Don't define unnecessary macro DISALLOW_EVIL_CONSTRUCTORS.
2008-10-15 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: version 0.1.1
* Support symbolize for MacOSX 10.5.
* BUG FIX: --vmodule didn't work with gflags.
* BUG FIX: symbolize_unittest failed with GCC 4.3.
* Several fixes on the document.
2008-10-07 Google Inc. <>
* google-glog: initial release:
The glog package contains a library that implements application-level
logging. This library provides logging APIs based on C++-style
streams and various helper macros.
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